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Welcome to our company,
the first choice to meet the daily needs of the Horeca sector, in Fine Dining equipment and catering services,
for catering professionals who put quality as the first objective of cooperation.

Our commitment to quality is what makes us stand out in the sector,
and we are dedicated to providing the professional with the best possible service.

SMART TRADE A. Chrysanthopoulou & Co. was established in 2008, providing catering services for Hotels and Mass Catering
and in 2015 we expanded our activity in the field of Premium Fine Dining products, innovating in the Greek market.

Always committed to high quality and aiming to provide solutions to the needs of the catering industry
and high, quality services, we strive for constant evolution,
in order to be the first choice of professionals whose main concern is the quality of products and services.

Our Services

FINE DINING Our core business is the supply of premium disposable fine dining products,
such as tablecloths, napkins, placemats and table runners made from fabric substitutes, paper and cloth, as well as cutlery holders and table lanterns.

CATERING At the same time, we supply the catering industry with food, dry and fresh products and beverages,
as well as various types of disposable cups and food packaging, cleaning products, bathroom accessories and much more.

We ensure the highest standards for our partners, with products mainly of European and Greek origin, a wide distribution network and frequent deliveries.

Smart Trade's main goal is to continuously increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Smart Trade Principles & Values

At Smart Trade we believe that every meal should be a special occasion and that the right fine dining products can enhance the dining experience.
We believe that every dining experience is unique and that our products should reflect this.

The values that drive our business also fuel our desire to continually improve our service and the passion that sets us apart:


We believe that quality is the foundation of every great product. That is why we carefully select our partners and market products that are made with the best materials, but also with precision and attention to detail at all stages of design and production. Our commitment to product excellence is one of the reasons we stand out from the crowd.


We believe in protecting the planet with a truly sustainable business environment and we do everything we can to reduce your carbon footprint with products made from environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes. We constantly strive to make our products not only beautiful and practical, but also sustainable. We are always committed to providing you with certified eco-friendly solutions.


We believe in the importance of aesthetics. For us, table decoration is more than just a functional aspect of the restaurant. It is an art form that can enhance the dining experience and leave a memorable impression on guests. Our goal is to help our customers turn their tables into a canvas for creative expression, elevating the dining experience to a whole new level, differentiating the restaurant from the competition and attracting more customers.


We believe in the cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability of disposable products. We help you create an environment where your guests feel safe and welcome.


We believe in the value of innovation in the design and materials used in our products to offer solutions that are not only distinguished by their quality and style, but also by their sustainability, hygiene and functionality.


We believe that every restaurant has its own unique style, personality and requirements and our products are designed to reflect this. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide bespoke solutions that reflect their vision and style.


Aware that our products are intended for and used by people, our primary concern is to provide solutions to human needs. Awareness of our responsibility towards people and our partners, the professionals of the catering industry and their guests, as well as towards the environment, and empathy with their problems and needs, require us to constantly give our best, to evolve and to offer ideal solutions.


We believe that success can only be achieved in a climate of good cooperation and communication between our staff and our customers, our partners and suppliers, as well as among ourselves. We are united by our love of people, our passion for our work and our belief that together we can achieve more and meet more needs.


Trust is an important value for our company and we believe it is the key factor in our continued growth. Professionalism, honesty and trust are at the heart of every partnership


Excellent service, consistency, frequent deliveries and immediate availability are some of the key reasons for our success.


We are proud to uphold these values and believe they set us apart in the marketplace.

We hope that our products bring joy and elegance to your dining experience and we are committed to continuing to provide high quality products and service to our valued customers.

Our Team

Our human resources, on whom the success of our company is based, promote the value of our company every day with their professionalism, ethics and character.

Our company distributes its products by means of private vehicles in order to guarantee the timely and safe distribution of our products.

Our qualified sales staff are at the side of the professional, always ready to provide information and solutions to their needs, helping them to make the best choice.

ISO Certifications

Our company holds the following certificates

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

& ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management System)

to ensure that the quality of our products and services is maintained.


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