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We offer products made from high quality, environmentally friendly materials.
We offer a wide range of designs and colours to suit every style and taste..
Our products offer great flexibility and ease of use.
We aim to be innovative and strive to identify new trends and bring them to your table!


The cellulose fibres are processed "dry" using an air technique and bonded together with EVA glue. This advanced technique gives a result similar in texture to that of cloth.
An excellent quality disposable material that dresses the table with style and practicality.


Spunlace (Soft Touch Textile) is a high quality non-woven fabric with a fabric-like texture.
Its processing techniques make spunlace durable, elastic and very soft.


Airwave is a range of pure cellulose paper towels. It is soft, practical and affordable and offers excellent softness.
Airwave Multisoft multi-ply paper towels have been processed to provide excellent softness.


These are tablecloths made from non-woven polypropylene with a certified raw material.
Airspun tablecloths combine practicality and flexibility in an affordable yet attractive product.

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