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Discover a new experience of refinement and quality with Smart Trade's premium disposable paper restaurant tablecloths, specially designed to meet the high demands of the restaurant industry.

With two types of professional paper tablecloths, we offer options to suit all your needs:

Two-ply disposable paper tablecloths:
An economical solution. They have an embossed waffle-like paper surface on the top and a durable plastic surface on the bottom. Their soft texture and high quality ensures that the surfaces stay together during the meal.

Three-ply disposable paper tablecloths:
Practical and luxurious business tablecloths, non-woven and waterproof. With two paper faces and an extremely durable plastic coating in the middle, for the ultimate in napkin protection against liquids and stains. Thin, with a smooth and soft texture and excellent durability. They provide functionality, comfort and cleanliness during meals, while offering a luxurious feel.

Explore the variety of designs, colours and sizes we offer. Choose the ones that reflect the image and atmosphere of your restaurant and win over your customers!

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